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As I'm writing this, I’m keenly aware of all the hype that you are accustomed to hearing when considering the purchase of a trading system. It’s nearly impossible to determine what is truth and what is complete hogwash.

So, I’m just going to lay it on the line and make it really easy for you to try my system so that you can decide for yourself.

I don’t want you to take my word for it. Why should you, you don’t even know me?

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What is iSCALPER?

The iSCALPER Trading System has been built specifically for the NinjaTrader platform and is an “Algorithmic-Automated-Signals W/Alerts” trading tool. The iSCALPER Trading System targets “Trend Following Mean Reversion” trade entry points using a combination of dynamic indicators.

We combine the “iRENKO” adjustable candlesticks, our “iBANDS” dynamic price channel, and the “iBARS” paint bar function indicator. We take these three core indicators and package then with Trend Following Mean Reversion logic to create the iSCALPER automated signals with alerts trading system.

iSCALPER looks for HIGHER PROBABILITY trade entry points following current trending price action. In addition, iSCALPER logic looks for the pattern where price has deviated out from the “mean” (the average of all price action) and is then reverting back to the mean.

Mean reversion entry points following a developing or established trend makes for very high probability trading.

So how does this all work?

The iRENKO candlesticks “smooth out” the price action:

The iBANDS determine the current trend:


The iBARS add confirmation to the mean reversion biased trade entry points:


Automated Signals with Alerts:

That’s it!

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  • iSCALPER uses iBANDS, iRENKO and iBARS in addition to "Automated Signals with Alerts"
  • iSCALPER can be used in Forex, Futures, and ETF's
  • iSCALPER can be used for Scalping or Position Trading with the Trader adjustable iRENKO candlesticks - which help you "fine tune" the time-frame you want to use.
  • iSCALPER signals higher probability TREND FOLLOWING MEAN REVERSION entry points in developing and running trends

Click on each of these images below to enlarge the chart. Each chart represents a different Instrument.


iSCALPER Introduction


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Would you believe I really don’t like trading?

Seriously, I can’t stand sitting in front of a computer analyzing a frikking chart all day and waiting for all the stars to align. It’s crazy and I’ll bet you are just like me.

With my system you don’t have to do that, and it’s so much fun you will enjoy trading again.

  • You will get an audible alert when a trade is setting up
  • You will get visual signals on your chart to tell you where to enter
  • You will have clear cut exit strategies in place before you get into a trade
  • You can use iSCALPER on any instrument including Forex
  • You can adjust it to give you more signals or less signals
  • The reliability of iSCALPER is off the charts

When was the last time you got into a trade based on your own analysis and you felt relaxed and confident about the outcome?

Well, if you are anything like me, never. At least not before I started using iSCALPER.

The trading world is embracing iSCALPER as the The Most Innovative Breakthrough in On-Charts technology in the last 20 years.

It is the only Technology and the only Logic that is able to function in today’s supersonic market speeds.

Acknowledgement: We have a full-time staff that constantly programs and adjusts iScalper to perform at it's peak. No other trading system being sold out there has this kind of product maintenance ability which is why other trading systems work for a while and then stop working. We design trading systems for other sellers, but they usually don't purchase our maintenance package which insures system reliability.


Now it’s your turn to try it:

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Rise of The Machines: The bots don't care about Support and Resistance, News, Fibonacci, Elliott Wave or any of that other gobbledegook that traders have relied on since the beginning of time.

The shift has been happening for years, but traders, like all people, are resistant to change.

The future of trading is right here right now and you have 2 choices:

  • Embrace it and win
  • Brush it off and lose

Todays winning traders use Auto-Bots to make unemotional trading decisions based on Trend Following Mean Reversion with Automated Signals on Charts with Alerts that can be used in all markets

Futures | Forex | EFT's

It's time to say goodbye to those tired old strategies that no longer work and embrace the future of trading, where even the regular guy and girl with no actual trading experience can win.

Listen to what our customers say about our Trading Programs

Actual comments from our Real Customers!

Just want to thank you for all that you do.

James R.

Thank you Scott.  Its nice to know someone who cares about others.  In this business of trading that’s very rare.

Jon S.

I just want to say…I’m really REALLY impressed! I grossed $1740.00 today!


Just wanted to touch base with you. First thanks for extending my trial period as i was having technical problems that Chris and your programmer was able to fix. Today is the second day that i have been able to trade with the new system. Ive made over 40 ticks with it and only trade between 9-12. Needless to say I’m in. Much thanks for the system and the great tech support. Chris was pleasure to work with and your programmer spotted the problem in a few minutes. It seems that there was a mix up with my activation code. Anyway just wanted to say thanks for a great system, i look forward to a successful future.

Jeff M

You are animal who developed this system and had the love of God to share - one of the hardest things is to share. Thank you


Keep up the great work…iSCALPER is the best software I have seen in 15 yrs of trading….hitting a home run with this baby 🙂 Thank you for all your hard work!


Paper traded iSCALPER Monday morning and it doesn’t get any better than that. Very precise indicator.

Jason H

After trying iSCALPER for 7 days…all I can say is WOW!….I’m in!!

William D

iSCALPER continues to impress me…..I am getting some very excellent results by taking only the signals that are in the same trend direction verified by the color of the bands…great addition!


iSCALPER changed my life the day I signed on with you. I hope that is not only one months of luck. Thank you again.

Pierre C

I recommend all subscribers to iSCALPER to test drive the 7 day free trial. Once I was up an running, I was able to net about 60 ticks ($600 per contract) within my first week of demo trading. Yes there was a losing day, and a couple of days I didn’t take a trade. I don’t spend more than 3-4hrs per day either. Test the 7 day trial for $1 to see how this will work for you.

Charles V

I just wanted to tell I have decided to trade one of your strategies going for 2 tick target with a 4 tick stop on 5 contracts on the ES but with one change. Since I’m only going for 2 ticks I decided to use a 500 tick chart instead of a 1000 tick. My goal is to make $500 dollars within 2 hours trading from 630am until 830am pacific time. So far after a week I have won 100% of my trades on this 2 tick strategy. I’m not one to try to get the whole swing move as i just want to get in and out. I know now that scalping is best for me and iSCALPER system has given me 100% confidence with hardly no stress anymore, thank you!

David Jae

Over the past year I have been working together very successfully with iSCALPER. It gives you access to the greatest and most reliable indicator I have ever seen in my trading career. Depending on your trading style you can use this indicator on different time frames or even tick or volume charts. When I started using the iSCALPER I easily made more than $ 600.00 in only 2 days, with 1 contract, by scalping the ES. And indeed I can say to you traders: This is the easiest and shortest path to trade equities, very successfully!

Marcel Van De Kerkhof

I really appreciate all that you have been doing for the community. It really seems you guys want to see successful traders out of us! I’m part of the ii team, an elite member and have your iSCALPER indicator (which kicks ass btw).


Just a quick note. I signed up this weekend for the iSCALPER indicator and I used it today for the first time and WOW!!!! Using it along with my other system I made just crazy money with only taking a few ticks of heat. This is truly an awesome indicator. As I always have said, the indicators you introduce simply just work.


Scott and the rest of ii staff are a Godsend! I’ve spent so much money on various indicators, expert advisors, strategies, and traders, it was like having a gambling problem. iSCALPER’s accuracy and potential made me actually use this indicator and do a couple weeks of practice, then just now a couple weeks of live trading. I made a lot of mistakes, but also made a lot of good trades, and managed to double my account! As for not being able to sleep….I had to try even natural trick in the book just to get a few hours last night. Please let me be a beta tester so my wife can see exactly what I’m so excited about! LOL!

Mike M

Thanks Scott, yea, I really love the fact that I don’t have to watch each candle and can have my chart up on another screen so I can do other things and yet not miss out. I’ve found it to be so much more relaxing and enjoyable because it allows me to still be productive doing other things. Great indicator - keep up the good work Scott!!!

Bill M

This indicator of your’s is quite the trick..I cant figure out if you are a genius or not but so far I have to say I like what I see… Your approach to going slow…and small ten tick targets is pretty interesting too!


I love you!! This thing is f**king great. $240 today so far and playing by the rules.

Ted Steege

I have been watching iSCALPER on a demo account for 3 days and finally was around to hear the ’cha ching’ and see a box pop up. I was able to get into a trade early and within 90 seconds the order was fill - $100 profit. Even though it was ’Monopoly money’ right now - wow!!! This brought up a question though… I got in when the box was green and the yellow arrow had just appeared. Since it went so quick, and as you can see on this chart, the action went back down into the box after about 10 minutes and again at the end of the box - which bring us to the question: if the action re-enters the box, would you enter into a second trade? Both would have made 10+ ticks…

Darin Douglass

I would like to thank Scott for such great help and instruction with all of your program (iSCALPER). For me your Integrity, your caring and consideration is very much appreciated.


Scott, you always have something new and informative. My account size is very small (2000.00) so I’m working with currencies and only taking the best futures trades. Still taking one step forward one step backwards. I’m thinking of taking a position trade for a few months or weeks and your teaching on fridays really help. You’re wonderful, keep up the great job of teaching. God bless.

Paul B

I’m selling my house and in about 2 months I will have some capital to finally go live and start trading - I would like to have a managed account with you to use it as a hedge against my own trades - I’m very very excited , I have been trading since 2009 and I thank God every day that I found your web site - after spending thousands of dollars on worthless systems I finally found something that works for me ! You are my lifetime HERO - I’m also currently working on my Series 3 Exam since trading is all I ever wanted to do.


Alan P here just wanted to say how awesome our group is. After taking the iSCALPER course I decided to be a trend trader, I had also noticed like Jerry to stick with the second wave of the trend. The only problem I was having was setting a comfortable exit point. I was seeing there where more ticks to be had, and then the email from Jerry Jumping the Gap. Awesome and it’s dead on TY Jerry for your set of Eyes.

Alan P

Awesome man! Living my purpose and loving my life. Its amazing how a matter of 9 or 10 months can change someone’s entire existence. But thats exactly what you have done for me. Once again man, I CAN’T THANK YOU ENOUGH…Not just for the actual trading training but just to open my eyes to a different way of looking at life. You’re the best buddy, can’t wait to actually spend some time in person with you, bullshitting. I’ll definitely be talking to you soon.


I want to say thanks for offering this service. I’ve been going through all the videos and practicing on SIM and Replay when I can. A lot of great information on here and I’ve only been with you guys for a few weeks. I’m probably like most your clients, I have a regular job and work like a dog most days. This hinders my ability to watch the market some days but I’m really enjoying the information and your "No Bullshit" approach to trading. Thanks again.

Cameron R

Just to let you know, I watched the 4 hrs of free instructions from iSCALPER over the weekend and traded sim on Monday. Ended up + $850.00 after 2 hrs. Tues I went live, but was cautious and made $140.00, Wed cleared $80.00 and Thurs $170.00. I have to go to my day job at 10:00 am central time and have only a couple hrs to trade the usually crazy open on the Cl. I knew the information was making a difference in my trades and confidence in making those trades. By Fri I purchased the full program to get all I could to improve my knowledge. I’m only on Day 2 as of now and am looking forward to the next week of learning. I appreciate the 1 year membership here as part of the purchase of the program. Have not been to the chat or really know what is available on this site yet. Thanks Scott for giving us all the opportunity to make a major change in our lives. I’ve had my account for 3 or 4 months but have not been able to be truly profitable consistently. I’m looking forward to financial freedom in My life. Thanks Again.

Jim G

This is the best thing I ever did in my life - the course is awesome ! - 🙂


Well, life is SO much different than sim trading. I guess the only real difference is the emotion. It’s was way harder to pull the trigger. I didn’t sleep much, I woke up 5:30 my time so I made some hot tea and got on. I put in a few sim trades first because pulling the trigger for real was tough. I finally traded for real though, @ 7:16 and got 3 tics. THAT WAS A RUSH MAN! The only thing I can compare the feeling to is being in a big hand for chips. I continued to just sit here and watch the market for a short period, and was content with my win, and then just shut it down. I can’t thank you enough for your insight and support over the past few months and look forward to continuing to learn. I am very grateful and pleased to have met you brotha man. Talk to you soon.


I received an email this morning from a company called Trading Advantage with a guy named Larry Levin. I clicked on the email and watched an eight minute video and then opted in with my info including phone number. It was not 30 minutes later that I received a phone call from a representative wanting to sell me a four week training course that would make me lots of money and call all my trades for me. Price tag: $5,000-$12,500. WOW!! And I can learn all the same information from iSCALPER program for $1.00. I just wanted to let you and all our members know what an incredible offer iSCALPER is. I paid $1.00 for it and have made thousands back at least. Thanks again to Scott!! "Live like no one else, so later you can live and GIVE like no one else"


I have been SIM trading the gap close on the 10 minute chart. It is so unbelievably reliable its crazy. Now you know i only go for 4 ticks a day. I have just been playing around and getting 10 ticks with my eyes closed. There was a good 40 ticks between the 13 and the current price. Popped in a trade and got 20 ticks. Something you might want to share with the group. Sometimes trading on the higher minute charts is easier for people.

Joe C

A quick little story before I get to my question…. I got up at 5:00 am eastern time this morning and made a great cup of coffee, checked my emails then turned on my chart. I never trade in off hours, but I still turn my charts on to see how things are reacting….. So I start doing a couple of morning chores that I do every day. As I’m busy doing things I happen to walk by my computer and notice that on my 6E chart has a perfect setup for the "iSCALPER strategy", so I say what the hell and place a 4 tick trade….all my indicators are pointing in the right direction, so I feel really good about this trade even though its way before my regular trading time… Bingo. I made a quick $200.00 and I’m not even done with my first cup of coffee! I will do just one more trade today then I think I’ll take my pontoon boat down the Connecticut river and do some winter Pike fishing as I watch rush hour traffic go by….My Oh My!! Thanks for all you guys do!


A huge THANK YOU to Scott. And share some recent success in my trading by using the strategies that I have learned from being a member of iSCALPER and by taking advantage of iSCALPER Course. I started the month of December 2011 with an account balance of $788.73. My account balance today, December 29, 2011 is $1,947.22. That is a whopping, incredible, absolutely awesome GAIN of 147%. I could not have done this without you guys. My new name is Bobby "3 tick" Knight. Someone once asked, "How do you eat an elephant?" The answer, of course is "One bite at a time". This recent success has changed my life. Thanks again.

Bobby K

Hi Scott. As I told you that after my first month with you. I have been involved with probably hundreds of offline and online financial and money making opportunities and none can hold a candle to the value you provide to the beginning [or seasoned] trader. Actually, I have spent $2,000-$4,000 with 4 separate individuals, including one [Todd Mitchell] who lived with me for a week during my training 20 years ago when I was trying to learn to trade the S&P with TradeStation. The simplicity and consistency of your iSCALPER has been more confidence inspiring and helpful than anything I have spent time and money on in the past.

Dr. Tom B

Thanks for such a simple and great strategy. I’ve been really struggling trading/ scalping the ES and TF and have spent thousands on other courses with no luck. This is has been the first thing so far that has worked for me. Thank you for giving me hope!

Lilly H

Made 14 cents today, monday dec. 13th trading 2 contracts. That’s $280.00. be patient, don’t rush it, don’t get greedy, don’t gamble. know when enough is enough for the day. I could have taken another 20 to 40 cents, but I could also have given it back. I’m happy and learning a lot.

Sam A

Thanks for iSCALPER. This is a lifestyle that I can get use to. In it for the long haul.

Jan M

Thanks for everything. Not only have I learned a LOT with iSCALPER, but I’m retiring at 31…anyone that doesn’t join is missing out on LIFE!


I think you’re doing a fantastic job with the iSCALPER and I love how you keep your cool when it comes to being patient and not forcing trades. Of course, It will be awesome if we have more days like the one where we make 3 huge scores.


I would have said just like you have been saying cut the darn computer OFF!!!! My wife had to tell me. Did great some days but wouldn’t follow my rule or your guide lines and that is after some good trades and hitting a target goal. Cut The Computer Off!!! You cannot stress that enough to the group. Keep up the great work! P S —I sound like a trader in this email.

Irvin P

Hi Scott, my name is Chad. I joined your iSCALPER a few weeks ago and am so excited. I’ve watched the videos and have sim traded a few times now with success. I like how you always touch on being disciplined and not greedy. Those are so important. I am very happy what I have learned in the few weeks as a member and look forward to learning so much more. I’m very pleased the way you have iSCALPER running, this is the best and realest thing I have taken on in the years that I have been trying. Thanks so much.

Chad G

I wanted to say thank you for such a great opportunity to learn from all the people at I’ve been a subscriber for 2 months now and have consistently seen my knowledge in trading growing more and more each week. I have finally gotten to the point in the last week that I have had 5 days of consistent profits in my demo account and I’ve seen my trading confidence grow with each day. I look forward to many more months of prosperous trading being a part of the iSCALPER subscribers in 2012, God bless you!


Your analysis of me trying to rush the third trade was right on. I hit for 3 ticks, then 2 ticks (got out early due to wavering close to pivot point) then waited over an hour until a new fist/Mac daddy cross later developed and hit a quick 3. Ended up at 100 even for the morning. Will keep testing, after 5 for 5 days i will step up to 2 contracts. Thanks Again!

Mark H

Scott, thanks for what you have put together here in this course. I’ve learned exactly how I can make money every day which has eluded me in the past. I win some and lose some, but with this course, and the support of membership, it is a complete package to financial security. I took your advice and have specialized in a single scalp trade and I’ve never been happier. Before this I was all over the place trying to make something work and nothing did.

Chris L

I enjoyed the clinic very much. I have to tell you like several other traders, I have spent thousands of dollars learning to trade. By far this clinic has been the most enriching and clear to understand. You did an exceptional job and were extremely patient in making sure that we understood the trading strategies that were presenting iSCALPER. Can’t wait to learn more from you and iTrader in future videos. Thank you for giving me the tools I need to become financially free!


It took me a couple of weeks to get it, but now that I’ve got it I know I’ll never work again, LOL, this is fun and I make money every day. THIS ROCKS!!!


So I’m sitting here just thinking about how my life has changed so much in the past few months and where my life is going. Until I became a member of the ii, I was a 30 year old bartender, doing ok in life but i really had no direction about what I wanted to do with the next 40 years of my life…..Did I want to be that 50 year old guy serving jack and cokes at the end of the bar????…F*CK NO!!!!! But ever since I was 21, thats all I have known, the bar and restaurant business…..then I stumble onto this stupid little website called the The Oil Money and I’m thinking, “great, just another shmuck looking to get money out of me and not help me”….Lucky for me I took a leap of faith and join. Now here I am, 4 months later, with a way to make money at my disposal that many Ivy League graduates would be jealous of…..I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being one of the good people in life that actually cares about other people and their well being. I am so grateful and ALWAYS WILL BE….Thats why I want to do everything I can to be as helpful as i can to the group so they can have a life changing experience I had and continue to have….THANK YOU SCOTT, I MEAN THAT!!!!

Joe H

I made $220 this morning on four trades (30+70 + 50 + 70) on the CL and am calling it quits for today. Good too as I had brought my live account balance down to $1027. I have bounced off the mat and reentered the fight…Yahoo!

Jay O

What a fantastic product: iSCALPER. I was literally at ground zero knowing what all those indicators meant, let alone how to use them. I was seriously concerned starting out that i would get lost and fall behind. In that short time, before I even realized it I am now confident at understanding how these indicators work and how to use them to reasonably predict where the market should go. It really is amazing how quickly the emotional part becomes your weakest link not the technical part. Thanks again. I look forward to promoting this program in my course(and outside as well).

Mark H

I wanted to thank you again for the great iSCALPER! When I have the patience and read the indicators properly, my trades work. This morning I started out 9 ticks down due to the fact that I thought I saw something, but didn’t verify with other charts. At the end of the call I was able to make a gap close on the CL and am now 9 ticks ahead. I feel confident that if I follow your strategies I will get rid of the hit and miss that I have been experiencing. I wanted to let you know that I really enjoy iSCALPER. I’ve learned more with than I have in the last 6 months taking multiple “training” seminars from others. Scott is very patient and is very good at listening and explaining iSCALPER. He also is very clear about wanting to help others succeed at trading. I have a new found excitement about trading and the future looks good. Thank you very much for the opportunity to learn from the best.

James B